Cashew Cream Sauce

Cashew cream sauce is one of our staple ingredients for soups, chilis, as a pizza “cheese,” or to add in anything that we want to make creamy the way dairy sour cream or cream cheese might. It adds richness and flavor without the addition of hormones, antibiotics or animal products. Ingredients: ½ cup soaked rawContinue reading “Cashew Cream Sauce”

Potato Cheese Sauce

We don’t always have a big container of cheese sauce in our fridge, but when we do, we can make SO many more foods. Queso dip, black bean dip, sauce for mac and cheese, nacho cheese sauce, roux for a casserole. We continue to find new and creative ways to use it.  When we firstContinue reading “Potato Cheese Sauce”

Oven-Roasted Potatoes and “Sausage” Soy Curls

Oven-roasted potatoes and veggies are straight up comfort food. We serve them as a side, or as the base layer of a meal. Today we served them with soy curls that really could fool you that they aren’t in fact sausage. We also served them with the lovely creaminess of our Cashew Cream Sauce, whichContinue reading “Oven-Roasted Potatoes and “Sausage” Soy Curls”

Taco Soy Curl Tenders

Anyone who knows us has heard us talking about soy curls. And that’s because they came along and knocked our hand-knitted socks off and changed our little vegan, plant-based lives. They have the perfect consistency we’ve been missing in our cooking. They take on flavor great and are so convincing that most people wouldn’t knowContinue reading “Taco Soy Curl Tenders”

Cast Iron Focaccia Bread – Gluten Free +Vegan

  I have always loved bread. It felt warm and comforting and I loved the way it made my house smell to make it. Then I learned that my body cannot handle gluten and after much searching, I pretty much gave up on bread. I can only handle a few kinds of grains anyway, andContinue reading “Cast Iron Focaccia Bread – Gluten Free +Vegan”

World’s Best Plant-Based Pizza

I think pizza is one of the top five things that people say “I could never give that up…” when we tell them that we’re plant based. But we actually haven’t given it up. I mean, we did, for a while. But then we started putting together our own recipes and we realized we couldContinue reading “World’s Best Plant-Based Pizza”

“Bounty of Tomatoes” Red Sauce

Almost everyone with a garden in the Midwest will eventually go out to that garden one day and return into their kitchen with a recycled grocery bag (or three) full of tomatoes. At this point, you either have to pull out all the canning gear and get to work for the rest of the dayContinue reading ““Bounty of Tomatoes” Red Sauce”

Bloomin’ Onion — Plant-based Style

We took our kids to the county fair last night, where there isn’t a lot of food options for plant-based eaters. But as it turned end out, after a lifetime of county fairs being all about food, we didn’t even want any of that stuff. Well, except for a bloomin’ onion. Both my husband andContinue reading “Bloomin’ Onion — Plant-based Style”