About Us

We are Michelle and Steve Baade, regular people who live a plant-based life. Once upon a time we were overweight, on numerous meds and still sick. And worried that we would die young leaving small children behind.

After finding the plant-based lifestyle, we’ve lost 140 pounds between the two of us. We were able to drop all our meds, and illnesses, and we’re healthier than ever. Not just in our lab work, but also in how we feel.

We believe that the plant-based life saved us. And we are sharing what we’ve learned -about shopping, with recipes and hints and suggestions, to our friends who are curious. Not just the friends in our lives but those across the globe we’ve yet to meet.

The legacy we want to leave this world, for our children, our families and our friends near and far is how to eat healthy – a skill almost none of us were taught. We hope you’ll give this journey a chance in your own life and experience for yourselves the power of plants.

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